What are the essential tools for verifying an email ?

What are the essential tools for verifying an email ?
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  1. CaptainVerify
  2. Mailnjoy
  3. EmailChecker
  4. Kickbox

Frequently used in the professional field, e-mail marketing is a strategy which aims to increase the visibility of a company and increase its prospects. To ensure good deliverability of these emails, it is important to maintain a good quality email list. This is where email checkers come in. Discover here the tools needed to periodically check your emails in your database.


Captain Verify is an online platform used by more than 15,000 French and European companies. It is an email checker that offers customers verification and segmentation tools for email addresses and mobile numbers.

With more than 80 million emails checked on average over the last 12 months, the solution helps its users clean their email databases. It cleans the list of emails, misspelled emails, hardbounce, NPAI, spamtrap, honeypots. The company is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and ensuring the security of the data entrusted to it. It complies with the GDPR and has servers located in France, certified ISO 27001. It also adopts the most recent security standards. The proprietary multi-step verification process checks every email more than once from different locations around the world.

The platform uses MX, DNS, SMTP and other proprietary technologies to determine the validity of addresses. Files submitted to this website must contain a single column with email addresses or mobile numbers. The line limit is 1 million for email and 10,000 for mobile numbers. The platform also offers an API key that allows users to integrate CaptainVerify into their own applications.


MailnJoy is an email address validation solution that appeared in France, making it easy to clean and optimize email lists. It is done in 15 levels of control for each email address for in-depth validations. However, this company goes well beyond simple technical validation and even helps determine the commercial value of an email address. In addition, this company easily integrates with your email sending tools such as Mailchimp or Hubspot. This software allows you to validate your email addresses directly from your usual work tools.


Integrating MailnJoy into your site via API or SFTP also promotes validation of email addresses at the source. It allows detection as soon as your users register if the addresses are reliable or if they are fraudulent accounts.

MailnJoy has several strong points that make it an essential company:

  • high granularity of the results obtained,
  • very high reliability,
  • possibilities to upload a multifield source CSV file,
  • automation, simple API,
  • different levels of email validation.

It is a fairly efficient and comprehensive company that offers you better verification of your emails.


It is a company that is one of the number 1 in terms of Email verification. It operates online thanks to its unique multi-server processing system. Thus, several works are carried out on all of the client's emails. They aim to ensure their validity. This operation goes through 17 levels of control, which makes EmailChercker a solution capable of guaranteeing close to 100% deliverability. The email verification process here is done in 5 steps.

In the first step, the sending server contacts the remote server. He gives him his MX domain then the email which is trying to send him an electronic message. During the second step, the remote server in turn responds to the sending server and confirms its MX domain. As for the third step, the sending server transmits to the remote server an email to which it requests to be able to send an electronic message. During the fourth step, the remote server responds to the sending one and confirms the existence of this email. It notifies the absence of restrictions on sending an electronic message. The last step which marks the end of email verification results in disconnection from the remote server. It records the result obtained in the verification status system.


Kickbox is another trendy email address checker that has already helped over 150,000 email professionals. It offers a variety of features. It allows real-time, batch and on-demand verification of email address lists. It can help businesses verify the authenticity and validity of email addresses. This helps improve the quality of their lists and their email marketing campaigns.


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